105th Lingots For Stories: Foreign Culture!

This week’s subject: Foreign Culture! This week’s topic is simple. Just pick one aspect of another culture and describe it. This can be anything from holidays, customs, food, mannerisms to music, movies, books,… Try to find out how that cultural aspect is perceived withing the country and outside of it (maybe a book was hugely successful abroad but not so much in the author’s country).

Get your culture fix here! Or something like that…

There are two Spanish stories on last week’s L4S that still need a correction!


104th Lingots For Stories: Idioms!

This week’s subject: Idioms! This topic is kind of similar to last week’s one. But instead of a Duolingo sentence pick an idiom in the language you’re learning and write a story about it. This could be how the idiom came to be, a situation where you encountered it or even just a story in which a character uses it.

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link!

I’ve removed quite a few people who I have neither seen on a recent L4S nor have left a message on my stream. If I’ve removed you even though you’re still active please leave a message so I can correct the mistake.

This week’s topic has been suggested by stehrhardt. Thank you!


103rd Lingots For Stories: Duolingo Sentences!

This week’s subject: Duolingo Sentences! There are a lot of weird sentences in the Duolingo lessons. Besides being weird, they also lack context. Choose one sentence from your studies on Duolingo and write a story about it! Write as much as you want.

¡Yo soy un pingüino!

Back from the one week break! All checkers, please leave a message on my stream so that I see that you’re still active! So far only 3 of you have actually done this.

There is still an uncorrected Portuguese story on the last L4S.

This week’s topic has been suggested by stehrhardt. Thank you!

d.batta made a really good suggestion in the last thread. From now on, add the name of the language in English at the top of your story so that checker can easily find it.


102nd Lingots For Stories: The Weirdest Month!

This week’s subject: The Weirdest Month! February is really weird. It only has 28 days and as if that weren’t enough weirdness already it gets an additional day every 4 years only to not get it every 100 years but get it nevertheless every 400 years. Yeah, confusing, I know. Anyway, write some February inspired story. Maybe how February lost its days or about a person who was born on a February 29th and therefore is only a fourth the age of everyone around him. Or maybe how one should use the opportunity of an additional day during leap years. Feel free to make it weird and let your fantasy run wild.

Fewer days just means more awesome days!

This topic has been suggested in part by G2DIPI_true! Thank you!

Last week I asked you about foreign language YouTube channels. We had a few responses but please take a second to give one or two tips, too. I’m sure most non-English natives know at least one or two good channels in their languages. The form can be found here.

I’ll post the results later this week here and on the blog!


101st Lingots For Stories: 1001 Nights!

This week’s subject: 1001 Nights! The numbers are a bit different but I don’t know whether we’ll ever actually reach L4S 1001. And if we do I think it’d time to do the topic again anyway. The task is simple: Write a 1001 Nights-esque story. I’ll leave it up to you to work out the details but you could include Djinnis, flying carpets, princesses, sultans,… You can even change the location to the country whose language you’re learning.

A djinni in a link

There are still a bunch of unchecked stories on last week’s L4S. I’ve seen English, Italian, Spanish and German ones. I’ll try to correct the German ones this week. I still have to finish a paper with a due date on Friday so I don’t have that much time, though… so if any of the other German checkers could do that, that’d be wonderful.

Something else: watching English YouTube channels has helped me immensely with my English. I’ve had a way harder time finding good channels in other languages though. Well, except for vlogs and Let’s Plays, maybe. If you have any channels you like, please follow this link and fill them in. And despite what I said before you can also suggest vlogs and Let’s Plays.

Requirements for channels: -is in a language other than English -is NOT a channel aimed at learners -is aimed at native speakers of the language -preferably still active but if there’re enough videos that’s fine, too -subscriber number doesn’t matter

I’ll personally review them (or get someone to do that who actually understands the language) and make a list of all of them, if there are enough responses. I think all of us could really benefit from this.


100th Lingots For Stories: Language Learning!

This week’s subject: Language Learning! Lingots For Stories has come a long way with this being the 100th edition. But so have you! Especially if you’ve been here since the very first L4S. So let’s use this occasion to reflect on our language journey. What have you achieved so far, what’s kept you motivated, any tips and tricks? But let’s not forget the future. What are your goals, how will language learning continue to affect your life?

Hi, I’m a link and I speak all the languages you write stories in!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, so that could’ve been a topic but meh… too cliché. I hope you don’t mind. If you do, feel free to write a Valentine’s Day story. I’ll give you a pass on this one.

Anyway, last week’s L4S is still missing a Italian and a Swedish (we don’t have a Swedish checker, though) correction at the moment.

Furthermore, we’ve lost a checker (Prol3psis) but gained a new one (Repelsteeltje). Welcome to the team!


99th Lingots For Stories: Preparations!

This week’s subject: Preparations! Next week we’ll celebrate the 100th Lingots For Stories. So this week is like a preparation for that. With that in mind imagine you’re preparing for something big. A party, an exam, a job interview, a travel… Obviously not everything goes as planned. You can’t find your passport an hour before your flight leaves, your brother eats all the food for the party… Hilarity ensues.

This link has been prepared as a special gift for you!

There are a bunch of stories in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian that still need to be checked on last week’s L4S. If you’re a checker of one of the these languages, please get on it ASAP.